Hiking Trail


On top of Srđ Hill, behind Fort Imperial, built in 1806-1816 during the Napoleonic Wars, there is a hiking trail where you can walk and enjoy panoramic view of city of Dubrovnik, Island of Lokrum, Gruž Harbour, Peninsula Lapad, Adriatic Sea and Elaphite Islands.

The hiking trail goes from Fort Imperial to Fort Strinčjera located 1300 meters North-West from Fort Imperial at about 400 meters above sea level. Macadam road is not steep and it is very pleasurable for walking, it partly goes through forest, and from the hiking trail you can see pens with domestic animals such as horses and cows.

Strinčjera Fort was built between 1886 and beginning of the 19th Century during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Name of the fort originates from the Italian word Tirncera, the type of fortification object. Today is Strinčjera covered with vegetation; it consists of two round towers and two objects. Around the Fort there are memorials to soldiers who died there during fierce battles in the Homeland War in 1991.

Srđ hill was once forested with oak trees which locals called dubrava after which the city of Dubrovnik was named. Other Fortification objects from that time which protected the city from the north can also be found on Srđ hill on Žarkovica, Bosanka and Strinčjera.

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