Technical details

Two cabins, holding up to 32 passengers, need less than 4 minutes to travel the 778 metre distance between the lower and upper stations, passing over one column. All Dubrovnik Cable Car facilities are fully equipped with access for the disabled, which includes access to both stations, access to the cabin, restrooms and an elevator.

The lower station offers a comfortable space for guests to disembark from two coaches, simultaneously, with suitable restrooms facilities.
The upper station, located at 405 metres above sea level, has three terraces equipped with binocular telescopes, a panoramic restaurant, a souvenir shop, restrooms and an amphitheatre accomodating up to 120 people.

Technical specifications

Aerial Tramway, reversible system, carriers are supported by 1 track rope each track; Carriers are hauled by an upper and lower haul rope

2 pcs
Capacity per cabin
32 + 1 persons
Empty cabin weight
3.100,0 kg
Cabin weight with passengers
5.500,0 kg
Travel speed
6,5 m/s
Travel time
3:30 min

General data

Length of track
778,2 m
Elevation of platforms
Lower Terminal
38,0 m a.s.l.
Upper Terminal
405,0 m a.s.l.
Difference in elevation
367,0 m a.s.l.

Wire Ropes

Manufactured by Taufelberger, Switzerland

Lower haul rope
∅ 0,87 inch
Upper haul rope
∅ 0,94 inch
Track rope
∅ 1,65 inch

Main drive

Asynchronus motor, manufactured by ABB, Switzerland

Rated power
160,0 kW
Peak power
240,0 kW

Recovery drive

Diesel engine, manufactured by Deutz, Germany

Rated power
72,5 kW

Electrical control drive

Manufactured by Frey AG Stans, Switzerland